How To Choose Pole Dance Shoes

How To Choose Pole Dance Shoes

Your Floorwork, Spins, Splits and Climbs are down to a fine art and now you want to match your pole class moves with an outfit that shows off your hard work, so, you may be thinking: What Pole Dance Boots are the best?

At Dragpole Shoes. Pole Dance Boots & Shoes we base all our 6 inch and 8 inch pole dance boots around sturdy performance orientated platforms, designed with closed toes and curved front platform for those points & twirls.

We know you want a sturdy fabric that grips to pole and colours that pop. Our first range is inspired by Amazonia and features bright Jungle inspired and faux reptile print fabrics [ no animals were hurt in the manufacture of the range]. Inner zips and lace up styles, extended tongue tabs, full length zips on our thigh boots and scooped back knee styling for easy drops and squats are just a few of the standard designs to make Drag Poles your best friend in class or on stage.


DragPole Shoes come in a range of heights from ankle to extra long thigh high and a range of vegan leather materials, we also aim to keep our carbon footprint low buy packing shoes in our UK warehouse and offering the option of boxless shipping.

We appreciate pole fitness attracts humans from all genders, shapes and sizes so we have sized our ranges from a UK 4  to a UK 12 with special order options available on UK 3 and UK 13 [ you can find a size chart on each DragPole Shoes product page and if you aren't sure we suggest you order up one size to your normal shoe.

Cost is always going to be a factor in your decision making and, as with most things you need to rely one you are probably going to get what you pay for if you see budget pole boots at knockdown prices. We take care in the designs and materials used in our boots and platform shoes and our prices reflect the quality.



Shipping worldwide is free and we have happy customers in the UK USA Canada Australia France Spain Germany Japan & Scandinavia to name drop a few locations. 

One thing you may have on your mind is comfort factor, all we can say is the heel height ratio to the platform size make our boots super comfortable for even extended wear although we don't advocate going for hikes or jogs you won't want to take them off!

If you've got DragPoles already or want to check out the latest additions you can get social on or Dragpole Shoes instagram

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