Safety Guidelines


DragPole Shoes are expertly crafted for the art of pole dancing and are not suitable for regular, everyday footwear. Dragpole Shoes are not recommended for individuals below 18 years of age.

Wearing High & Platform Heels especially in dance or aerobic movement requires balance strength poise awareness product familiarity and training which combined cannot remove the risks associated with their use.

Risks Associated with Pole Dancing and Pole Dance Shoes & Boots:

  • The dynamic nature of pole and floorwork dancing, coupled with the use of DragPole Shoes, presents risks that include possible physical injuries from imbalance, falls, and potential foot or ankle-related injuries.

To Ensure Safe Use, We Advise:

  • Regular inspection of the shoes for any signs of wear, especially on buckles, eyes, finishes, decorations, attachments, studs, spikes and zippers.
  • Maintaining strong ankle support during use.
  • Checking that your ankles, knees and hips are in a healthy state before use; consult a medical professional if unsure.
  • Implementing ankle-strengthening and general warm-up exercises before using the boots or shoes.
  • Exercising caution on uneven and softer surfaces like carpets and stages.
  • Avoiding rushed or hurried movements while in the shoes.
  • Replacing boots or shoes when signs of wear and tear appear, much like conventional footwear, especially due to the intense physical demands placed on them.

We Strongly Discourage:

  • Daily or casual wear of DragPole Shoes over a 3cm platform height.
  • Wearing DragPole Shoes during pregnancy, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or in any state that impairs balance.
  • Engaging in pole dance or dance movements that exceed your skill level, especially those involving flips or intense landings.
  • Using DragPole Shoes for poledancing / pole entertaining without formal training from a certified pole dancing instructor.
  • Wearing DragPole Shoes on surfaces that are uneven, slippery, or potentially hazardous.
  • Climbing stairs frames ladders or steps while wearing DragPole Shoes; if unavoidable, proceed with utmost care.

Use Responsibly: Your safety is paramount. Use DragPole Shoes responsibly. We are not liable for injuries or accidents arising from the use of DragPole Shoes under circumstances of negligence or breach of safety guidelines.

Contact and Endorsement: For inquiries or more information about DragPole Shoes, please feel free to contact us